If unsure of any personal responsibilities outlined below please feel free to ask for assistance or clarification during any part of the process.

1.  When you make your initial enquiry, details of your proposal, your property and its location will be discussed
    over the phone.
     If your proposal appears to be realistic a site meeting will be arranged at a time convenient to you. There is no charge
     for this initial meeting.

2.  During this meeting professional design advice will be given (should you so require) to help establish the best plan for
     your needs.

3.  I will give you a quotation for my services provided I believe there is a realistic chance of gaining the permissions
     required. This quote will not include fees payable to other agencies in connection with your planning application.
     However I will give an indication of how much these fees may be and the time scales you may expect at each stage of
     the process.

4.  Should you choose to accept the quotation you will be asked to sign a customer agreement. The agreement is straight
     forward and has no hidden clauses. Please note however that it is vital at this stage to disclose all material facts likely
     to affect the outcome of the planning process, such as covenants, planning restrictions, rights of access etc. Failure to 
     disclose could affect your money back guarantee.

5.  A design specification will then be agreed and a full property survey will be undertaken. The survey will take
     approximately 1 hour to complete.

6.  You will receive a set of 3D architectural drawings, either by E-mail or by post, to approve before any constructional
     detail plans are produced. You will be expected to give your approval to these drawings (or otherwise) within 7 days of
     receipt. Provided the original design brief is adhered to there will be no charge for any amendments requested. If
     amendments not within the agreed brief are requested, a non-refundable hourly rate of £40 may be charged.

7.  Should you decide not to proceed with the full constructional plans after receipt of your 3D drawings a fee of £250 will
     be payable for services already provided.

8.  Before I prepare your constructional plans a payment equal to my fee will be charged. Any monies paid are placed in a  
     holding bank account until your planning permission has been granted. Should planning permission not be granted after
     any amendments are made, the payment will be refunded in full. Please note that fees paid directly to other parties are

9.  Most planning applications are made electronically. All associated paperwork will be completed for you and sent directly
     to your local authority. You are required to submit their fees within 5 working days of your application to maintain your
     money back guarantee. You will receive electronic copies of all drawings and associated paperwork. Paper copies will         be supplied on request.

10. All construction drawings must be submitted to a qualified Building Control Officer for approval under a "Full Plans 
      Application". Liability for errors or omissions in construction plans will otherwise not be accepted.

11. On rare occasions information may come to light during routine searches by the Local Authority that has a direct
      bearing on the agreed design and/or requires further investigation and documentation. In such circumstances a
      reduced  hourly rate of £30/hr may be charged for the extra work required to gain the necessary approvals.

12. If the services of a structural engineer are required, I will advise you of this. (I will suggest a local company if you are
      unsure of who to approach). Your chosen engineer will invoice you separately. Please note, I am unable to
      recommend builders to you.


I will normally make a site visit within two or three days of your initial enquiry.

An initial plan in 3D will normally be sent to you for approval within 5 working days.

Full plans and completed forms should be with you within 10 working days. Please note that as customer service is paramount, I prefer to turn work down rather than commit to unrealistic time scales.


On receipt of your plans the planning authority will try to give you their verdict after a six week period. They are obliged to respond within 8 weeks. (A public consultation period accounts for approximately 4 weeks of this time)



 Further information about building regulations and the planning procedure is available at www.planningportal.co.uk


John Knaggs : Furness Building Plans      

Tel. (01229) 869830 (daytime or early evening)

or leave an enquiry by clicking on the link below.


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